Ucom has Provided Tumo Boxes in Different Regions of Armenia with High-Speed Internet Access

Ucom has Provided Tumo Boxes in Different Regions of Armenia with High-Speed Internet Access


For the past year, Ucom, the winner of the Speedtest Awards and provider of the fastest fixed and mobile internet in Armenia, has been providing high-speed internet connections to Tumo Boxes located in regional settlements. Ucom's internet connection enables approximately 400 young people attending each Tumo Box to receive education in technology and design in various communities throughout Armenia, including Sevan, Vayk, Kapan, Artik, Maralik, Chambarak, Azatamut, Yerazgavors, Azatan, Amasia, Spitak, and Artsvaberd. The Tumo Box is a small but technically equipped mini Tumo that can be placed in any city or village, serving as a self-learning space for local youth. Students go through a self-study phase in their own city, and to participate in practical courses, they either go to nearby Tumo centers or join them online.

"Through this initiative, Ucom is supporting the implementation of Tumo Boxes even in the most remote regional communities, providing modern education opportunities to young people and enabling them to develop their skills and abilities," said Ralph Yirikian, Director General at Ucom.  

"The support of private companies is very important in the implementation process of the Tumo Armenia initiative, without which we would not have reached our goal at this pace. One of the best examples in this context is our partnership with Ucom. As part of this, internet devices have been installed in more than ten regional mini Tumons, from Amasia to Artsvaberd. We sincerely hope that this number will increase, and the cooperation between Ucom and Tumo will be continuous," says Marie Lou Papazian, director of Tumo.

Let us add that the goal of the Tumo Armenia initiative is to make Tumo education accessible to all young people in Armenia and Artsakh. According to the program, it is planned to have 16 technologically equippedTumo centers equipped in the major regional cities, and 110 Tumo boxes in small communities, through which the program will become available to all young people throughout the country.

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