For the Information of the Media

For the Information of the Media


In the post-election period, a number of political parties and blocs have applied to Ucom with a request to provide the video materials in connection with the video shooting and simultaneous live stream of the voting process from 1,500 polling stations as well as the process of summing up the election results. Upon permission of the Central Electoral Commission and availability of the appropriate data carriers presented by applicants, Ucom has provided them with the requested video materials in the shortest time possible. Moreover, in some cases, taking into account the urgency of the situation, after having received the permission from the CEC, the Company on its own initiative has allowed a number of parties and blocks to have unlimited access to and download the necessary information from its digital database. Despite the Company's efforts to provide the information requested, unfortunately, there were obvious and unjustified cases of using offensive speech by the applicants while talking to the Company's employees on the phone and referring to them in their online speeches. 

The good reputation of the Company and employees is of key importance to Ucom.­ The Company will not tolerate any attempts to defame its employees, especially when more than necessary has been done by the latter to satisfy the requests received. We urge everyone to remain true to ethical and moral norms as well as exercise good manners while referring to the employees of Ucom, thereby contributing to the development of partner relationships.

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