The Silicon Mountains Shirak Technology Forum will take place with Ucom’s support

The Silicon Mountains Shirak Technology Forum will take place with Ucom’s support


With Ucom’s support, the Silicon Mountains Shirak technology forum dedicated to digital opportunities will take place on July 4.

The purpose of the summit is to identify the level of digitization of regions in the age of digital transformation, to integrate regions in digital transformation, to digitize various branches of the regional economy, to promote the use of digital tools and to promote cooperation between the public and private sectors.

The organization and holding of regional Silicon Mountains technological forum will have its impact on almost all sectors (including agriculture, tourism), because in modern days, high-tech solutions are necessary for all sectors.

Ucom is the technology partner within the framework of the forum, and the company's General Director Ralph Yirikian will speak at the forum and present his experience and vision to the participants.

"Ucom has been supporting projects aimed at technological development in Armenia for years, and we give great importance to this summit as well. This particular event held in Gyumri aims to promote the development of technologies in the regions, and I am sure that soon talented young people from our regions will make a great contribution to the development of technologies in Armenia," said General Director of Ucom Ralph Yirikian.

Within the framework of the event, an expo will be organized, in which organizations offering and applying digital solutions will participate. Panel discussions on the topics "Startups in the regions", "Human capital in the regions" and "Investments in the regions" will also take place.

The organizer of the event is the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technology (UEICT). The partners are Unicomp, EasyPay, Synopsis Armenia and the RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry.

The agenda, speakers and other details of the event can be found at the following link:

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