Ucom Offers uHome: a New Mobile Internet Service for the Home Use

Ucom Offers uHome: a New Mobile Internet Service for the Home Use


Ucom has launched a new - uHome mobile internet service, designed specifically for home use, and that promises fast, stable, and unlimited mobile internet for subscribers who choose to sign up for it.

Subscribers who sign up for 6500 tariff package for a minimum of 12 months will receive unlimited high-speed internet via new Wi-Fi device for home use, and 100 SMS messages to send to local numbers and Artsakh, all for a monthly fee of just 6500 AMD.

"This offer will interest anyone who needs internet connectivity in their country home or rural areas but doesn't have access to a fixed connection or Wi-Fi network. It is especially beneficial for those who require uninterrupted internet connectivity for their laptops, tablets, smart TVs or smart home devices. This new offer is not limited to families but is also suitable for small businesses operating in regional areas, as with the provision of more powerful Wi-Fi devices, video surveillance systems for homes, offices, or storage areas can be operated seamlessly with a stable and reliable internet connection both in the preferred area and on the smartphone," said Ralph Yirikian, Director General at Ucom.

It's worth noting that the new 4G Wi-Fi devices provided with the uHome package offer extended coverage, enabling subscribers to enjoy unlimited high-speed internet from a greater distance compared to older generation devices available in the market. With uHome, subscribers can easily set up their devices at home by simply inserting the SIM card, without worrying about the hassle of technical works or drilling holes in the walls.



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