Changes to “General Terms and Conditions” and Legal Address

Changes to “General Terms and Conditions” and Legal Address


Taking into account changes and amendments to the Company’s services, as well as being guided by a number of technical and legal issues raised by its subscribers, as well as paragraph 2.2 of the second part of Article 49 of the “General Terms and Conditions for Provision of Electronic Communications and Related Services” the “Ucom” CJSC has made changes to the mentioned terms (particularly, added paragraph 9.36.3), which will take effect as of October 26, 2022. Please, refer to the modified version at this link

In addition, the legal address of Ucom CJSC has been changed from RA, Yerevan 0015, St. G. Lusavorich Street 9, "Yerevan Plaza" business center to the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan 0069, David Anhaght Street 8/4.

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