"Extra 3 GB". Affordable High-Speed Internet for Ucom Mobile Subscribers

"Extra 3 GB". Affordable High-Speed Internet for Ucom Mobile Subscribers


As of July 7, 2022 all subscribers of prepaid and postpaid Unity and Level Up tariff plans of the Ucom's mobile voice services are free to benefit from the high-speed mobile internet upon the consumption of the main volume of megabytes, by activating the “Extra 3 GB” bundle at just 500 drams.  

The offer is applicable to the subscribers of Level Up 1700, Level 1700 Regional, Level Up 2700 prepaid tariff plans, as well as Unity 1500 and Unity 3500 ones included in the “Unity” package. The «Extra 3 GB» bundle can also be activated by the subscribers of postpaid Level Up 3000 as well as Unity 8000, Unity 7000 Regional and Unity 9000 Regional tariff plan subscribers.

«After having consumed the megabytes, feel free to no longer wait until the end of the current month or the validity period of 30 days to get the inclusions provided within the frames of your tariff plan. By activating the «Extra 3 GB» bundle, you will keep on using the stable and high-speed internet everywhere”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us add that in order to activate the «Extra 3 GB» bundle for 7 days one needs just to dial *307#, and dial *133# to check the inclusions.

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