Renewable Energy. Business Customers to Benefit from Ucom and Solara Partnership

Renewable Energy. Business Customers to Benefit from Ucom and Solara Partnership


Ucom and Solara introduce a new offer within the framework of which both new and existing corporate subscribers of Ucom’s fixed services have a possibility to install Solara photovoltaic solar system and get an opportunity to benefit from Ucom's fixed network services with the limit of up to 400.000 AMD. 

“The purpose of the partnership between our two companies is to have high rates in renewable energy sources and savings. We suggest all the enterpreneurs operating in the country not only to decrease the level of expenses, but also care for the environment by minimizing the emission of harmful substances into the environment”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom. 

“Being one of the leaders in our fields of activity, we have initiated a distinguishing cooperation which will stimulate the increase of the renewable energy volume in Armenia. The use of solar enegry is both environmentally and economically beneficial. The initiative-offer makes the economic efficiency of solar energy more accessible to our customers. With our partners from Ucom we have developed a complete offer, which will enable businessmen to gain many benefits in the field of telecommunications, in addition to zero energy costs. I am sure that this initiative will yield the desired results”, mentioned Hayk Petrosyan, Director General at Solara. 

By purchasing a Solara solar system with a minimum capacity of 20kW, the corporate customers will have an opportunity to benefit from 40 Mbps fixed internet during six months, as well as have annual power saving of 1 350 000 AMD. And in the case of acquiring a solar system with 300 kW capacity, customers will benefit from a 40 Mbps fixed internet during twelve months, in addition, they will also receive a 10% discount on the solar photovoltaic system, and will also be able to save on electricity in the amount of 20 250 000 drams per year. The package provides choices designed for the stations with a capacity of 500kW, 1 or 1.5MW and more, out of which, for example, by choosing a 1.5MW photovoltaic solar station, an enterpreneur gets an opportunity to save around 101 250 000 AMD per year.

Let us add, that the special offer is applicable to any business, regardless of the field of activity.


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