Ucom and "10X Engineering" Partnered on a Project for Children

Ucom and "10X Engineering" Partnered on a Project for Children


Ucom cooperated with “10X Engineering” company providing virtual reality device by which children attending the endocrine department of Muratsan hospital complex will undergo painless treatment. 

With the virtual reality eyeglass children watch content developed special for them due to which the pain and stress caused by medical interventions reduces. As a result, the child moves to a world of intellectual cartoons forgetting about fear and anxiety. This content was developed thanks to bilateral work with international psychologists, which took into account the age peculiarities of children. For example, animated and development games were created for children aged 4-7. As for 7-11 year old children, there were developed puzzles and interesting challenges. Moreover, the eyeglass has special sensors that "feel" the psychological condition of a child and help understand child’s level of nervousness and emotional state. 

“With the support of Ucom one more medical center received virtual reality eyeglass, by the help of which children will undergo medical procedures without pain and stress. We are happy to cooperate with Ucom,” said Davit Zargaryan, Director at “10X Engineering”. 

“I am glad that through cooperation with Ucom the authors of this wonderful initiative are creating new culture of medical visits. Good health to all the kids using the virtual eyeglass and a happy New Year with their close ones,” mentioned Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom. 

Let us add that “10X Engineering” was founded in 2013 and develops engineering solutions, and has been developing a virtual reality solution since 2020.

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