The 20-Episode Medical Melodrama to be Broadcast on Ucom’s Armenia Premium TV Channel

The 20-Episode Medical Melodrama to be Broadcast on Ucom’s Armenia Premium TV Channel


As of today, subscribers can watch the 20-episode medical melodrama directed by Varsham Gevorgyan available in the “Video on Demand” section of Ucom TV service. As of November 29, 2021 it will be also avaiable on “Armenia Premium” TV channel.

The plot of the film unveils at one of the hospitals in Yerevan. The daily life, work, as well as the personal lives of the doctors are presented in the film. The main character of the TV project is surgeon Robert, who has succeeded in both personal and professional life. He has a favorite job, friends, luxurious mansion and a beautiful wife. However, one day Robert’s perfect peace breaks a rock band young guitarist, 20-year-old Anna, whom he gets familiar with during the surgery. 

“We keep on supporting the creation of Armenian TV content which is available, first of all, to Ucom’s subscribers in both in the “Video on Demand” section of Ucom TV and on “Armenia Premium” TV channel,” said Arina Arustamyan, the Commercial Director at Ucom. 

“We continue to introduce multi-genre TV movies, new genres and themes to the viewers. This time we present a melodrama which tells about doctors’ work, responsibility of making decisions and the ability to award second life to the patients. I am sure that this film is a food for thought and, of course, it will ensure an interesting TV entertainment for the people,” mentioned Davit Babakhanyan, the Director General at “Armenia” TV. 

The cast of the series features Varsham Gevorgyan, Arevik Gevorgyan, Zhan Nshanyan, Karlen Muradyan, Frida York, Siranush Lazyan, Armen Kushkyan, Artur Ghukasyan, Lusine Avanesyan, Hayk Durgaryan, Luiza Nersisyan, Arman Navasardyan, Karin Tsaturyan, Arman Khachatryan, Harutyun Sargsyan and others. 

The creators of the film promise a beautiful love story, spiced with rock music and spectacular color lighting solutions.

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