«uNight» to Unite. Ucom Celebrated Its Rebirth

«uNight» to Unite. Ucom Celebrated Its Rebirth


Recently, 1500 employees of Ucom celebrated the rebirth of the Company and their direct involvement in it during the event, which consisted of 2 parts. The first part of the event, the City Quest, united colleagues working in diverse teams around both intellectual and sport competitions. Through manifesting ingenuity, collective thinking and willpower, the teammates performed tasks in different administrative districts of Yerevan, earned points thus having formed the leaderboard. All the members of the highest scored teams received incentive gifts.

“The last two years have been full of harsh trials and challenges for Ucom. I am happy to state that the border situation of “being or not being” in 2020 is way far in the past due to the exceptionally professional team of 1500 people, which provides fixed and mobile services to Ucom’s subscribers every day, 24/7. With a renewed staff, this team has achieved satisfying results in 2021, and set ambitious goals for company’s continuous development. These young, versed, purposeful people are the authors and heroes of Ucom’s rebirth. Definitely, they still have a lot to do in order to surpass the needs of the subscribers, and the challenges of the last two years have tempered them even more and prepared for it”, mentioned Victoria Baghdasaryan, the director of human resources and organizational development at Ucom. 

In the second - “uNight to Unite” - part of the event, Ucom employees celebrated their own achievements by also congratulating their 25 “uHero” colleagues, who were elected by online voting of the entire staff through Lucky Carrot platform. They were awarded the title of uHero, received badges and gifts, subscription certificates to the “All Sports” sports club chain and gift cards of the Galaxy Group Time stores for their high level of work engagement, care (ownership), teamwork and significant contribution to the rebirth of Ucom. 

Aram MP3, “By The Way Band”, DJs Arni Rock and Hayk Solar, as well as the host of the event Narek Margaryan have ensured the warmth of the evening.

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