Ucom is the First Company in Armenia to Rebroadcast a 4K TV channel

Ucom is the First Company in Armenia to Rebroadcast a 4K TV channel


From August 20, Ucom will be the first company in Armenia to rebroadcast the 4K quality "Love Nature" TV channel, which will be available to all Ucom TV subscribers upon their request.

With 4K 3840 × 2160 resolution, subscribers will be able to watch up to 20 times what the current standard of SD TV channels is. And as compared to HD TV channels, the 4K picture is up to 4 times clearer, very close to reality and has a richer palette.

"Keep on breathing the best moments with Ucom. Today we are the first company in Armenia to make 4K quality TV channel available for our subscribers. Thanks to "Love Nature" TV channel you will immerse into the diversity of wild nature and animal world. This TV channel is designed for all your family members. With 4K stunning quality images you will truly admire the beauty of our planet. Let me say that we will soon have other 4K TV channels to offer for watching," said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us add, that 4K quality "Love Nature" is a TV channel specialized in an exceptional quality content about nature, co-produced by "BBC", "TRUE to NATURE" and "ICON FILMS". To watch it, you need to have a 4K TV receiver provided by Ucom and a TV-set supporting the 4K quality. More detailed information on the terms of subscribing to this TV channel will be available in the nearest future.

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