Ucom Launches "Hello, Summer" Offer and Presents "U!hoo" Kids Magazine

Ucom Launches "Hello, Summer" Offer and Presents "U!hoo" Kids Magazine


 On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, Ucom has come up with a new "Hello, Summer" offer.

Within the framework of the “Hello Summer” offer, until June 30th inclusive, uKid smart watches for children can be purchased for only 19 900 drams instead of the previous 24 900 drams. In the case of benefiting from the special offer the kids’ smart watch can be bought at a deposit of 4900 drams instead of the previous 6900 drams, by also paying just 1250 drams instead of the previous 1500 drams during 12 consecutive months.

UKid kids smart watches operate with a special uKid tariff plan. When joining this tariff plan, for only 2000 drams per month, the child will receive 5000 minutes a month to call within Ucom’s mobile network, 1 GB of mobile Internet and unlimited SMSes to be sent within the Ucom’s mobile network.

Let us remind, that thanks to the uKid smart watches, parents will always stay aware of their children whereabouts, set safe zones for them, while a special SOS button will enable the child to call the parent for help in an emergency.

With all these, Ucom’s June 1 surprises are not limited.

Together with the “Yerevan” magazine, Ucom has created an interactive children's periodical called “U!hoo”, which is intended for children from 7 to 12 years old.

Each page of “U!hoo” contains educational material for reading, learning, memorizing, and creating.

“On the page about castles, for example, children will not only see how to draw or make them from the simplest materials at hand, but also get acquainted with a map of castles ever built on the territory of Armenia. On the page about space, the most attentive readers will find Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster, the youngest will color the sections that are left uncolored specially for them, and the smartest ones will get acquainted with the heroes of the new Armenian comic, who find themselves thrown from a modern engineering laboratory into the 8th century BC in a result of some adventures ", said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us add that on June 1, children who visited Ucom regional and central sales and service centers received their copies of the illustrated “U!hoo” magazine.

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