The chairman of the Board of Directors of Ucom issues statement on overcoming the crisis

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Ucom issues statement on overcoming the crisis


Gurgen Khachatryan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ucom, has released a statement today, which reads,

“Around this time a year ago, active attempts towards dismantling Ucom began. Illegal activities were aimed at creating an uncontrollable situation in our company by circles that are well-known to everybody, as a result of which they were hopping we would have to alienate the result of our 12 years of daily work, Ucom, and leave it to some dubious entities. 

I remember exactly during those days, when my father was deprived of his right to medical care while in detention, our partner of 12 years, all of a sudden, realized that, apparently, we had disagreements and threatened that if we didn’t accept his agenda, over 500 employees would resign, leaving the Ucom network hanging. I will remain silent about further details due to business correctness. 

Today, almost a year later, I want to state that despite the difficulties, we still managed to overcome the crisis. Our team was able to restore the company’s stability with dignity and institutional approach. The staff of Ucom demonstrated exceptional will and responsibility, not compromising the interests of the customers even in the most difficult days. The business community showed reliable behavior and willingness to support their partner, and our competitors—VivaCell-MTS and Beeline Armenia—maintained exceptional solidarity. I am grateful that collective force and backing was shown in support of an Armenian operator. 

I find it imperative to emphasize that in this difficult year, our team overcame the challenge of Covid19, guided by the priority of health security on one hand and maintaining the integrity of the teams on the other. The war set a new agenda: Ucom worked day and night to provide a variety of support to the army through technical assistance, comprehensive communication measures and direct donations. I must say with great sorrow that three employees of Ucom sacrificed their lives for the defense of our homeland. We bow before them and honor their memories. 

Today, when many of us have lost a family member to the coronavirus or the war, suffered devastating economic losses, perhaps lost the prospect of future stability, we still cannot afford to give in. Obstacles come to test and challenge our will and endurance. I am convinced that Ucom will continue to serve Armenia on an even stronger footing, contributing to the restoration and development of the country's economy through its human potential, strategic infrastructure, international partnership and bringing in new investments”.

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