Ucom Offers Buying Any Gadget without Prepayment

Ucom Offers Buying Any Gadget without Prepayment


Starting today customers can purchase their preferred smartphone, gadget or accessory at any Ucom sales and service center, as well as at Ucom's online shop when applying for credit, without prepayment. The credit is processed by "Unibank" OJSC for 36 months, of which during the first 12 months the buyers will be provided the privilege of 0% prepayment, 0% annual interest rate and 0% service fee. Moreover, when purchasing the gadget, there is no obligation to become a subscriber of any Ucom service.

Smartphones are available for buyers of various budgets: Alcatel 1se, Galaxy A12, Realme C11, Poco M3, Redmi 9T and iPhone 12, as well as different accessories. Buyers can choose between Marshall Acton II, JBL FLIP4 or JBL Xtreme 2 speakers, JBL E55BTQ, JBL E65BT headphones, Yandex Smart Station, which can perform thousands of tasks with its "Alisa" smart assistant.

Let us add, that, for example, if customers buy the Marshall Major III Bluetooth white headset on credit for 36 months, they will pay 1250 AMD per month, and on purchase of Apple AirPods Pro headphones on credit for 36 months, buyers will pay 4440 AMD per month.

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