Collaboration Between VTB Bank Armenia and Ucom

Collaboration Between VTB Bank Armenia and Ucom


VTB Bank (Armenia), having in view the needs of its customers, continues to upgrade its retail product line and develop favorable offers together with the key market players. 

Within the framework of collaboration with Ucom, everyone can apply for installment loans in 78 sales and service centers of Ucom and purchase products without visiting the Bank. 

As an absolute leader in the IPTV and fixed Internet market and holding a leading position in the mobile Internet market, Ucom offers a wide range of mobile phones, electronic devices, gadgets, accessories and electronic scooters. 

Thanks to the collaboration between VTB Bank (Armenia) and Ucom, customers will have the opportunity to purchase the latest models of mobile phones and other electronic devices they need quickly, easily and on favorable terms. The installment loan is granted on the spot within minutes. To get a loan, customers must present only a passport and a social card. 

As part of the collaboration, Ucom offers special terms for purchase of smartphones. By joining the Universal/Universal Plus postpaid service for 24 months, customers will have the opportunity to purchase smartphones on installment with a 2-year loan term and pay only the principal amount without any interests and commissions throughout the entire term of the loan. 

The loan is granted on the following terms: 

  • Loan amount - from 30K to 1,5 million AMD;
  • Annual interest rate - 0%;
  • Monthly commission, depending on the type of product purchased - from 0% to 1.01% (0% is valid for the special offer);
  • Actual interest rate - from 0% to 24%;
  • Loan term - from 3 to 48 months, depending on the type of product purchased.

 For more information on the terms of installment loans granted by the Bank, please follow this link:, or visit any branch of the Bank, or call the Contact Center at 87-87, as well as visit any sales and service center of Ucom , or follow this link: 

The Bank is controlled by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

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