Ucom Offers uKid Smartwatch-Phone for Children at Just 24 900 AMD

Ucom Offers uKid Smartwatch-Phone for Children at Just 24 900 AMD


At the beginning of the new academic year Ucom offers all parents to acquire a really valuable, useful and practical gift for their children. The parents of the smallest Ucom subscribers will be able to get the uKid children’s smartwatch-phone at just 24 900 AMD instead of the previous 39 900 AMD, i.e. at the new price, reduced by 38%.

One can also acquire the smartwatch-phone with a prepayment of 6 900 AMD, and then pay 1 500 AMD per month during a period of 12 months.

«As a parent, I attach great importance to the sense of safety that comes with being able to stay in constant contact with my child. With uKid, the child will receive phone calls and short messages solely from the phone numbers, defined by parents, send messages and notifications to parents, who in their turn will be able to track the location of their kid on their smartphones at any time», said Ara Sergei Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

uKid is the best solution for parents of 5 to 12-year-old children especially if, for various reasons, they avoid buying a smartphone for their child. Let us remind that uKid smartphone-watch for children can be acquired by joining uKid tariff plan, the monthly fee of which is 2 000 AMD. With this tariff plan on a monthly basis the child will receive 5000 minutes within Ucom’s mobile network, 1 GB of mobile internet and unlimited SMS within Ucom’s mobile network.  

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