Unknown Persons Destroyed Ucom’s Mobile Station in Armavir

Unknown Persons Destroyed Ucom’s Mobile Station in Armavir


Early this morning, it became known that an unknown person or persons destroyed one of Ucom's mobile stations located in Armavir and providing 4G+ connection. The optical cable and adjacent wires that ensure its operation were cut off and different parts of the station were seriously damaged. The mobile station is located in close neighbourhood with the mobile stations of other telecom operators, which remained intact.

"It is Ucom's mobile station that has been destroyed. An unknown person or persons caused major damage to the company, and by such action deprived our subscribers living in Armavir of the opportunity to stay in touch, to learn and work online. Law enforcement agencies have been notified of the crime, the preliminary investigation is underway, the motives are being clarified," said Ara Sergei Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

It should be added that the mobile station civil works and maintenance team has immediately arrived at the scene in Armavir to restore the station and ensure the normal course of service provision. Ucom apologizes to its customers for the temporary inconvenience.

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