All Ucom TV Subscribers to Enjoy 4 More Viasat Family Channels

All Ucom TV Subscribers to Enjoy 4 More Viasat Family Channels


From July 16 till August 15 all U!TV subscribers, regardless of their subscription type, have the opportunity to watch 4 more the most demanded TV-channels from Viasat family. In particular, the subscribers will enjoy watching Viasat Nature, Viasat Explorer, Viasat Action TV 1000 and Viasat VIP Megahit HD quality TV channels of an original content.  

By pressing the 56th button, the TV-viewers will switch to Viasat Nature TV-channel, which will transfer its TV audience to the world of dangerous predators, helpless mammals and wildlife.

The 54th, Viasat Explorer adventure TV-channels is designed for those, who are interested in traveling, diversity of the animal world, agile automotive, extreme sports and stories of crime revelations. 

The 101st, Viasat Action TV 1000 channel in Ucom network, will transfer the viewers to the Hollywood world of criminal and military dramas, horror, fantasy and action movies, detective stories and psychological thrillers, as well as adult movies in the night hours. 

The 158th, Viasat VIP Megahit HD channel will offer the best Hollywood blockbusters and biggest cinema franchises, as well as the best Russian movie premieres. The movies are broadcast to the best of the full HD quality to make the watching process more attractive and remarkable.

TV viewers may add these TV channels to their favorites’ list, if they like them.

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