With the Support of Ucom, stem.am Online Portal for Interactive Methods and Distant Learning Launched

With the Support of Ucom, stem.am Online Portal for Interactive Methods and Distant Learning Launched


Recently, with the support of Ucom, “STEM Programs Center” and “Internet Society” organizations, stem.am online portal for interactive methods and distant learning has been launched in the Secondary school N24 after Gevorg Chaush in Vanadzor. The portal is one of the key directions of the program for development of STEM capacities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), intended for extracurricular learning. The program aims at building a new model for development of STEM capacities through effective collaboration of education, science and business, as well as joining of resources.

“The problem we have often encountered and want to solve through this portal is to some extent solvable in case of web accessibility. Very often, when we pay visits to “Armath” engineering laboratories, operating in regions and remote rural communities, we witness lack of teaching staff in the schools, where the laboratories are situated. This portal is designed exactly for children, who live in such remote settlements, to help them fill their knowledge gap and develop skills,” said Hayk Yesayan, the Director General at Ucom.

“One of the advantages of STEM program is that children will use the computer not only for playing purposes, but also for gaining vital knowledge. What I haven’t managed to learn, understand or comprehend during the physics or math lessons, I can find on that portal when I’m home, watch several times and understand,” noted Milena Khoyatyan, a student at School N24 after G. Chaush in Vanadzor. 

“I’ve familiarized myself with the portal and I’d like to point out the materials on natural sciences available on the portal. It’s important that children have the opportunity to fill their knowledge gap on their own, by watching video materials and reading explanatory articles in Armenian on this portal. Next to materials on robotics, programming, there are also materials on astronomy, which, as a school subject, has unfortunately been left out of the school program,” detailed Armine Chatinyan, Informatics teacher at School N24 after G. Chaush in Vanadzor.

“Within the frames of this program, programming, cosmology, mathematics and flying objects designing study groups will be operating in schools on Sundays. Lessons of these study groups will be broadcast on STEM channel and will be available to all Armenian schoolchildren,” added Haykaz Baghyan, the Head of STEM Programs Center.

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