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Ucom Raises the Speed of Fixed Internet

Ucom Raises the Speed of Fixed Internet


Ucom has raised the speed of internet delivered via fixed network for new and existing customers. In particular, the subscribers of 3Play Select offer will benefit from internet at the speed of 60 Mb/sec upon 1-year subscription and at the speed of 30 Mb/sec without any commitment. 3Play Classic offer subscribers will enjoy the fixed internet speed of 80 Mb/sec in case of 1-year subscription and 40 Mb/sec without that. Moreover, the subscribers of 3Play Rock package will use the fixed internet at the speed of 90 Mb/sec, in case they subscribe to the offer for a period of 1 year, while those without any commitment precondition shall benefit from the speed of 45 Mb/sec.

The speed increase also applies to 3Play Classic Regional offer subscribers, who will enjoy the fixed internet speed of 40 Mb/sec upon 1-year subscription.  

Moreover, Ucom has also increased the speed U!Net broadband internet tariff plan users. From now on the subscribers of U!Net Lite 6000 AMD tariff plan will enjoy the speed of 16 Mb/sec for fixed internet in case of 1-year subscription, and the speed of 8 Mb/sec without any commitment. And the internet speed of the subscribers of U!Net Starter 8000 AMD tariff plan will make 60 Mb/sec upon 1-year subscription and 30 Mb/sec without that.

 “Alongside with the increasing consumption of internet in the modern world, Ucom comprehends the ever-growing demand of its customers and does its best to meet their expectations. Im sure that our fixed internet subscribers will appreciate the increase in internet speed and will enjoy smoother experience while surfing the web”, said Hayk Yesayan, Director General at Ucom. 

By the way, all those looking for a perfect combination of price and quality will be able to subscribe to a new U!Net Optimum 7000 AMD tariff plan and enjoy the speed of 36 Mb/sec for fixed internet upon 1-year subscription and 18 Mb/sec, in case they avoid having any commitment.

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