Ucom for Artsakh: An Upgraded Information Center of the Defense Army and Gifts to Alashan Rural School

Ucom for Artsakh: An Upgraded Information Center of the Defense Army and Gifts to Alashan Rural School


The Defense Army of Artsakh already has a technically upgraded information center. The latter has been created with the support of Ucom, and “PanArmenian Media Group” has expressed readiness to help with training of personnel.

Regarding the institutional cooperation in matters of ongoing technical modernization and upgrading of human capacities of the information center of the Defense Army, Levon Mnatsakanyan, the Defense Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, said that the Ministry attached importance to having an upgraded information center of which the experts of the Ministry became convinced after the Four Day War in April.

The Chairman of the Board of Ucom Gurgen Khachatryan told journalists that Ucom continued to equip border security systems in Armenia and especially in Artsakh: "We already have tangible and very positive results, nevertheless, there is still a lot to do."

"We opened an information center in Artsakh, which is a necessity for a country at war, so that news could be spread urgently and the public could be aware of the events happening in the country. From time to time we’ll share the experience that our team gains with local experts. There are certain peculiarities, which I cannot disclose, but we really have praiseworthy results, such as the common upgrading of border security systems. We have unlimited opportunities to develop in this field," he added.

The Chairman of the Board of Ucom said that the company would always be in the front line of performing system upgrades, exchanging experience and engaging in general organizational matters.

Moreover, “Ucom” Foundation donated heaters, computers and printers to the school of Alashan village in the Republic of Artsakh. It also provided financial support to 31 students of the school.

It should be noted that after the April War Alashan village was settled by the population of Talish village and had not been settled before.

Hayk Yesayan, the Director General at Ucom, told the journalists that “Ucom” Foundation was a technologically developing company and highlighted the importance of supporting the children from Talish in Artsakh.

"Through the Foundation we tried to create a little bit better conditions for the children, for them to feel at home until they are back to their native village. Our company emphasizes the importance of such support, both financial and technological. I am confident that even after their return to Talish, we will continue to support these children, for them see that we and our company are always with them and never to lose faith and hope," said Hayk Yesayan.

He also added that he felt a responsibility to the land of Artsakh, and that the small help provided to the school meant to have a small contribution to modernization of the school: “We want children to see that knowledge is the future and that knowledge is key to creating important values on this land”.

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