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Ucom Decreased the Prices for “Internet in Roaming” Bundles

Ucom Decreased the Prices for “Internet in Roaming” Bundles


Those Ucom mobile customers who plan to enjoy their summer holidays in Georgia, USA, Egypt or Europe from now on can activate “Internet in Roaming” bundles at even more affordable rates.

For example, in order to activate the 100 MB bundle Ucom mobile subscribers should pay 2500 AMD instead of the previous 3900, the activation of 300 MB bundle will cost 6500 AMD instead of the previous 8900, while the most extensive bundle of 1GB can be activated at the rate of 18000 AMD only, instead of the previous 24900. The validity period of the bundles, as usual, remains unchanged and makes 30 days.

“Distance should never be an issue to stay in touch with your close ones. Just right after the activation of the “Internet in Roaming” bundle one should make sure he/she is connected to the specific operator in a particular country, and then enjoy the vacation without being detached from the world routine”, - specified Hayk Yesayan, Director General at Ucom.

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