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U!Cloud  - Ucom’s Cloud Solutions for Business Customers

U!Cloud - Ucom’s Cloud Solutions for Business Customers


Ucom introduces U!Cloud, an innovative affordable cloud solution for corporate clients, enabling them to unify various types of servers in a single space with the view to providing computational resources to the end users in the form of virtual/dedicated servers and network infrastructures (IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service).

Having access to U!Cloud interface via  , client will be able to create servers on his/her own, in the meantime, having an option of installing various operation systems, as well as creating own network infrastructure.

While creating servers, client will have an opportunity of choosing the number of processor cores (CPU Cores), the processor speed (CPU Mhz), as well as the size of the dedicated RAM (Memory in GB) and the size of the drive space. 

The main feature of U!Cloud is an opportunity of buying resources contingent on the client’s need; there will not be any need to acquire a more powerful and expensive server for simple tasks, as well as there will always be a possibility to dynamically reconfigure the server assigned to the customer, without  disabling the provision of the entire service.

When making an order of a cloud hosting, customer just needs to choose in between the resources he/she needs for his/her own project.

The services are applicable both for the residents and non-residents of the Republic of Armenia.

Detailed information about U!Cloud, as well as the price of the service can be found on www.ucom.am/hy/business. To order this service, customers are invited to call (060) 65 77 77 phone number.

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