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Ucom Provided 15 mln Worth New Modems to Upgrade Anti-hail Stations

Ucom Provided 15 mln Worth New Modems to Upgrade Anti-hail Stations


On May 6, 2017 in the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations Davit Tonoyan and Hayk Yesayan, the director general at Ucom, in accordance with the earlier agreement between the parties, have signed a contract of support.  Under the contract Ucom provides 380 additional 2G and 3G-enabled 2-SIM card modems to upgrade the anti-hail stations placed and operating via mobile network throughout Armenia.

Based on the analysis from the previous years by "Armenian State Hydrometeorological and Monitoring Service" State Non-Commercial Organization, as well as by having recorded the glitches during the anti-hail stations’ exploitation, Ucom has invested 15 mln AMD to equip the aforementioned stations with 380 new modems. The modems will be installed in the communities containing potential hail hazards.

“As an Armenian company and major business in the country it was with greatest willingness that we had participated in the discussion last year, by promising at the end of it to undertake measures and offer solution to the meteorological problems, which are hindering the development of the agricultural sector. Today we are pleased to note, that the modems acquired in a result of this investment will allow to exploit the additional ones in case there are delays or failures with the main modems. Therefore they will allow sending the SMSes on time and thus put the anti-hail stations into operating mode”, - said Hayk Yesayan, director general at Ucom.

“The debates started around 5 years ago now have tangible results. In a result of anti-hail stations modernization the system failure probability is almost offset thus increasing the resilience to natural disasters in the rural economies. We thank you for proper and efficient cooperation with our system”, - said Davit Tonoyan, RA Minister of Emergency Situations.

Having underlined the importance of disaster risk reduction process, the parties have also noted other vectors of further cooperation, which are aimed at raising the population resistance level.

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