Armenia’s Ambassador to Eurovision 2017 Visited “Armath” Engineering Laboratory in Ashtarak

Armenia’s Ambassador to Eurovision 2017 Visited “Armath” Engineering Laboratory in Ashtarak


«How much time it is required to print all these?» - wonders the Armenian delegate for Eurovision 2017 Artsvik, when talking to the  students of “Armath” engineering laboratory of Ashtarak’s high school number 5.

The students of this laboratory surprised the singer with their ability to apply their knowledge of algebra, geometry and physics when performing the computer modelling, printing different items, programming games, and creatng animations.

«We have mastered so many skills, and currently we’re getting ready for an important competition, for which we’ve made a robot. There are still small details to improve, and we’ll do our best, for our dream is winning the competition», - shares her dreams Anna Grigoryan, a student of the “Armath” laboratory, when speaking to the project supporters from Ucom and Union of the Information Technology Enterprises (UITE).

She wished a “triumphal” show for Artsvik and thanked her for an unexpected visit.

«Our robot, which we’ve made from scratch, should move on a designated area and collect items. The majority of the work is complete, but there are some software adjustments yet to be made», - says Ashot Tarumyan, a student of the same laboratory.  

 Artsvik and “Armath” students wished each other the best of luck in these two different but very important competitions, and expressed hope that their dreams will come true.


According to the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) and Ucom, the latter invests to open around 70 more engineering club-laboratories named “Armath” in 9 regions of Armenia. Hayk Yesayan, the Director General at “Ucom”, visits the existing “Armath” labs on a regular basis, meets their students, gets acquainted with the their achievements and follows up the progress.

The educational curriculum of “Armath” engineering laboratories aims to promote the technological education in all schools of the Armenian communities, to assist pupils in their early interest emergence in modern high technology, to promote the development of engineering mindset from early ages and to prepare competent students.  

The project enables practical support for the integration of qualified IT-specialists into the Armenian and world markets, the exchange of the experience between them, and the attraction of large-scale investments into the IT-industry. It is noteworthy, that the software and assembly drawings of the labs-developed equipment are open to public. The computer programs and systems are “armenianized” to the extension possible, while during the project implementation for the acquisition of the equipment and software, the priority is given to the local producers, the bright example of which serve the high-quality three-dimensional (3D) printers, mini-computers, robotics kits and other devices produced in Armenia.  

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