Notification for Subscribers

Notification for Subscribers


Hereby we’d like to inform that with a view to improving the services provided by “UCOM” Limited Liability Company (hereinafter the “Company”) and expanding the scope thereof, on December 10, 2016 the general meeting of the Company reached a decision on the reorganization via a merger of “INTERACTIVE TV” LLC and “ICON COMMUNICATIONS” CJSC with the Company.

Please, be also informed that due to the aforementioned, neither transfer of Company’s rights and obligations, nor legal succession will take place. 

As per the applicable legislation and the Transfer Act, the Company, as a legal successor of “INTERACTIVE TV” LLC and “ICON COMMUNICATIONS” CJSC, will take responsibility for all obligations of the latter.

In the meantime, we’d also like to inform that the Company has decided to redeem its share of the authorised capital of the Company, created as a result of the reorganization, by way of reduction of the authorised capital, due to which the Company’s authorised capital will make 16 958 695 AMD.

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