The Television of Future Becomes Available for Ucom Subcribers from October 31

The Television of Future Becomes Available for Ucom Subcribers from October 31


Armenia TV presents a new, an unprecedented media project in the history of cable TV in Armenia. For the first time, “Armenia Premium” produces a separate TV product line only for Premium viewers. In cooperation with Armenia TV, this is a new word in creation of TV formats.

From October 31 Ucom subscribers will have the chance to watch 4 new, exclusive projects, created specially for “Armenia Premium” channel.

In 2015, Armenia TV revolutionized the Armenian cable TV format, by putting 6 new channels on air at a time. A year later we witness another turning point in the history of cable TV in Armenia: Armenia TV dictates new rules of the game. Now it offers 4 new ultramodern projects, which will appear in the list of TV programs of Premium viewers.

“Parallel to development of technologies, it’s highly important that TV content as well undergo development. Here is why we contribute to development of content for our viewers and have sponsored the historical TV series, 2 sitcoms and a reality show, with the most popular Armenian actors starring. After creation of Armenia Premium channels, this is another step forward towards creation of quality and interesting content for Ucom subscribers. We hope that the content created as a result of such a highly responsible contribution will be warmly welcomed by TV viewers,” - said Hayk Yesayan, the General Director at Ucom.

“The word Premium is associated with the word “best”, and we’re working hard to create the best media content. We promised to do so and we did more than we have promised. When on October 31 our viewers press 0 button on their remote controls, they cannot, but notice the TV projects worth Premium,” - said Davit Babakhanyan, the Director of “Armenia” TV company.

The Ancient Kings TV series is a historical overview of the pre-Christian Armenia, covering the dramatic events that have taken place in the Greater Armenia. The events depicted in the film take place in pre-Christian era, where Tigranes II of the Artaxiad Dynasty, later Tigranes the Great – the King of Kings, was to take the throne. The film focuses on royal conspiracies following the death of Tigranes I. All clothing, household items and elements typical of that era were designed based on advice of ethnographers, historians and archeologists. The roles are played by Jean Nshanyan, Murad Janibekyan, Ruben Muradyan, Shogher Tovmasyan, Arman Nshanyan, Shaké Tukhmanyan, Anna Grigoryan and others. The director of the project is Harutyun Shatyan.

The Desired Fiancé is a reality show with game elements. The desired fiancé is Sos Janibekyan, who has been selected after the survey conducted by the producer group (social surveys, monitoring of social networks and glamour magazines). 12 girls have been selected to participate in the project, every week one of them will leave the project. The final choice will be made between 2 beauties. The project is directed by Hrachya Keshishyan.

The leading actor in 24 series of the Change sitcom is Hovhannes Azoyan, who appears in 2 roles. In one case he plays the role of a criminal, and in another – an unsuccessful, but honest actor. The focus of the sitcom is the main deal - to be the “change”. The honest actor undertakes the most important and complicated role in his life. Other roles are played by Armen Margaryan, Artur Nalbandyan, Mariam Melikyan, Lilit Haroyan, Ani Kocharyan and Ani Petrosyan. The director of the project is Grigor Vahramyan.

The Azizyan Family is starred by Hayk Marutyan. He embodies the character of Garnik Azizyan – a clothes store seller, who is the only one working in the family. Mrs. Azizyan is lazy enough to perform the duties of a housewife. The problems of the father of the family don’t bother his 3 children – his daughter, who is internet-addicted and is active in all social networks; his unemployed eldest son, who is a complete loser, and his youngest son, who is a schoolboy. The roles in this sitcom, created for family watching, are played by Ani Lupe, Satenik Hazaryan, Ishkhan Gharibyan, Suren Arustamyan and other popular actors. The project is directed by Arman Marutyan.

These 4 projects will be aired from October 31 on “Armenia Premium” channel – a new media package exclusively in Ucom network.

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