Ucom’s Mobile Internet Modem is Available with New U!Fi 3500 Regional Tariff Plan

Ucom’s Mobile Internet Modem is Available with New U!Fi 3500 Regional Tariff Plan


Ucom suggests its mobile internet subscribers to acquire U!Fi E5573Bs-320 modem with new U!Fi 3500 regional tariff plan.

The new modem can be acquired at the price of 5000 AMD upon 24-months subscription to U!Fi 3500, which will give a subscriber 5 GB of high-speed internet traffic on a monthly basis, after the consumption of which they will benefit from the unlimited internet at the speed of up to 512 kb/sec. In case of 12-month subscription the device can also be purchased at the price of 5000 AMD, but 4500 AMD shall be payable every month, for which the subscribers will get an additional 1 GB of the high-speed internet.

With the help of this modem the subscribers will be able to benefit from a high-speed internet at higher speeds, as well as create their personal Wi-Fi area within Ucom mobile coverage zone anywhere, even on the go.

New U!Fi will make it possible to connect up to 10 devices to the internet at a time via Wi-Fi connection, i.e. tablets, smartphones and laptops and 1 PC via USB cable.

U!Fi can be used right after the purchase as it does not require a long and complicated installation process.

 “This modem is endowed with a smart feature. When you use it in Wi-Fi operating zones, e.g. in airports, cafes, hotels, or in your house, it will automatically connect to Wi-Fi network and thus will enable you to save the high-speed gigabytes provided by LTE/3G networks”, - said Hayk Yesayan, the general director at Ucom.

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